Wednesday, January 31, 2007

India Internet Companies: Overnight Success or Hardwork

The three public listed India Internet companies are InfoEdge, Rediff and Sify. While Info Edge is listed in India, Rediff and Sify are listed on Nasdaq.

Info Edge operates, Quadrangle, and They really impress me with their Internet marketing skills in India.

Mind you, they incorporated the business way back in 1995 and started Naukri in 1997.

Now during the past decade we have seen a boom and a bust. And it is only now that the number of internet users is approaching critical mass.

So looking at the booming Indian economy, growing internet community and recognition of online advertisement opportunities, I believe that the time for the Indian internet sector to grow has come. Reports say that the Indian Internet users should surpass 100 million by 2009.

And if InfoEdge is a leader in this sector, it is because of continuous hardwork and understanding of the Indian Internet market and it is just not an overnight success.

To give you an idea of what Internet marketing is all about here are some activities you can do for your website:

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And here is an amazing interview by Gautam of Sanjeev Bikhchandani on their IPO
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