Thursday, February 1, 2007

Tata & Mittal Combine to Takeover Microsoft

Ofcourse, it's fantasy on my part. But who would have thought of Tata taking over Corus: British Steel ten years back!!

There would be many critics saying the price is expensive and would question the wisdom of the takeover. As a fallout, the share price of Tatas have taken a stumble too.

But Tata is sanguine about the whole takeover and its future in the longer run. They say that they did not reach their upper limit for the takeover. And I believe him.

Remember he does not work the Reliance way where they are more keen on using Government regulations and controls to their advantage. They have built a brand of trust , integrity and honesty.

Two months back our Finance Minister was smugly remarking that Indian Manager is gaining confidence and cited Tata's Corus bid as a sign of that. Ratan Tata rebuffed him in a way when he remarked that it was the Government policies which restrained Indian Corporate Managers and not their own capabilities or confidence.

Way to go! Indians are beginning to have the knack of taking over underperforming businesses and turning them over for the better. Mittal is a master at that and I trust Tata to do that too.

So watchout Microsoft! hahaha...

But we should also face realities. Narayanan Murthy said that India does not have the entrepreneurship climate which throws up businesses like Google. Time to correct that too!

How? I don't know.......
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