Sunday, January 7, 2007

Richest Nation: India

India will be the richest country in the world in 2034. Don't beleive this? It's not a joke and here are the reasons why it will be so. Credit for this post is due to Ramki, the guy who is teaching us MNC

1. Population: India is going to be the highest populated country in the near future. Now population is going to be an asset in the future. In developed countries, the population is getting aged. Means there are more old people out there. And with boys marrying boys and girls with girls they have little hope of any growth, not to think of mutiplying! India will have the most youthful population. One Laloo compensating for many Atal Behari Bajpai/ APJAK.!! The economists recognise this asset and the GOI too. That is why we don't see any ads for the Family planning these days? The condom is advertised, but only as a guard against AIDS!

2. Natural Resources: India is traditionally known for its natural resources and it will hold good for the future too. There is an accelerated discoveries of Oil & Gas basins, huge plantations for Biofuel going on. We are reported to have huge reserves of Uranium too.

3. Pool of scientists & professionals: India has a enviable pool of English speaking professionals and scientists who are already showing their capabilities in the world.

4. Largest market: The population of young people in India between age 18-25 is approx. 550 million which is almost double of the entire US population. So this one is a no brainer that which will be the largest market in the world!

5. Outsourcing: India will continue to be Backend office to the world. Already they are positioning themselves for high end outsourcing jobs in the knowledge sector. The transition from BPO to KPO is already happening.

I know about Infrastructure being a major handicap. But with APJAK, MMS, MSA at the helm, I am sanguine about the future ahead. Remember MMS and MSA saved us from the precarious fiscal position in 1991.

I am sure about India being the richest nation in 2034. But can't we do it earlier! And what are we doing to make the goal a reality?
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