Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Create sophisticated diagrams with MS Word tools

This document introduces you to Word's basic diagramming features and explains how to use them to create great diagrams. Along the way, it creates an illustrative example.

This is a TechRepublic document

I had no idea that Word could do basic diagramming.

Word's diagramming features, which include the ability to create Cycle, Radial, Pyramid, Venn, and Target diagrams as well as the more standard flow and organizational charts. You can quickly create the diagrams that you need for your project.

The fact that most of us aren't aware of Word's diagramming features reminded me that most of the folks who use Word only take advantage of a small fraction of all the features that are packed into Word. Same applies to MS Excel which has amazing functions and we onlu use it for adding, multiplying, substracting and division!!
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