Monday, January 15, 2007

My Learning Curve Has Collapsed

Yes, It's true. I am feeling so low today and am seeking help with my earlier posts. I am reposting the six thinking hats post. Here it goes......

Thoughts are energy packets. So when u r happy, u can climb mountains. But when down with negative thoughts, it's difficult to get out of bed!And then we hv to deal with 60000 thoughts a day. And thinking is a hard job.

Recently I went thro this delightful book by Edward de Bono on thinking. Here's a gr8 link to Effective Thinking .Bono's official site appears to be this linkHere are the six hats for ready reference:
  1. White for facts, figures & information (Virgin white)
  2. Yellow for positive thinking, brightness and optimism(Sunshine)
  3. Green for creativity, fertile,movement, (Plants)
  4. Black for the negative judgement, why it will not work (Devil's advocate)
  5. Red for emotions and feelings,hunch & intuition (Seeing red)
  6. Blue for the orchestra conductor, cool and control, thinking abt thinking (Blue ocean).

All of them together make great thinking.--
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