Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting Started to Getting Rich

This one is worth repeating time and again. Getting rich is no big deal. You just have to earn more than you can spend or spend less than what you earn. And the journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.

A man/woman can be rich by maximising his earnings and/or minimising his/her needs. Simple, isn't it?

Moreover it can be proved that Money is inversely proportional to knowledge. Meaning as your knowledge increases, the money you have will decrease!! Well, there's a formula in Physics that says that Power=Force/Time. Now Knowledge is Power and Time is Money! So if we substitute the figures, it comes out that Knowledge= Force/Money. That indicates the truth that Knowledge is inversely proportional to Money!!
We are surrounded by persistent agents and financial advisors, aggressive financial product companies and our own ignorance of the knowledge required (and maybe the inertia?) to manage our money!! And it is said that Money is a bad master but a good servant. In any case, you have to manage it properly so that it may serve you properly.

Take responsibility for your finances, Get Rich or Die Trying!
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