Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Blogosphere is becoming Amitsphere!

For me the blogosphere is turning into Amitsphere! First Amit Agarwal, then Amit Varma and now Amit Ranjan . My favorite finance blog is by Ramit who has "amit" embedded!!

Amit has started a blog, WebYantra, which is dedicated to profiling innovative Indian web products and internet services. It’s a platform for Indian web startups, ecommerce websites and internet based businesses to showcase their products & services to Indian internet users. To see what Webyantra looks like, go here.

Amit Ranjan says, "The majority of the web content that I see everyday in the Indian internet space fails to inspire me. Most of the contemporary Indian web products, internet services, web applications etc seem amateurish, are poorly designed, lack real innovation or are copied unimaginatively from successful western product concepts. As an Indian, this hurts me somewhere deep in my heart." So instead of cribbing more, he has started this WebYantra.

Amit Ranjan is a techie turned marketer turned entrepreneur. He heads the Delhi office of Uzanto (a Silicon Valley startup), where he drives the product strategy for MindCanvas (think games meet online surveys). He tracks emerging trends in the Indian consumer internet space.

More power to guys like that.
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