Wednesday, February 21, 2007

GOD: A Case study on Branding

The other day we were discussing brand building. We discussed Xerox where the company is synonymous of the product. We say Xerox kara do or when we talk of Insurance we say LIC karaya ya nahin? These are powerful brands and have been built over a period.

But when it comes to the biggest brand of all time, I would say that it's GOD. Real or not, the brand of god exists very strongly in people's minds and hearts.

True there are firm atheists in droves. But I guess we are outnumbered and/or the minority fashion.

Let us for a moment accept GOD as a brand and take a look at His skills in being the No.1 brand.

Logo: He has customised logo for different markets. So HE has churches, temples and mosques in different parts of the world.

People: The Pujaris, Priests, Fathers, Sisters, Maulvis are fiercely loyal to the cause of their Leader, ie, GOD. And they beleive in HIM, come what may!

Product/Services: The product or service that is being sold is Peace & Happiness. It has a everlasting demand with hardly any supply!

Price: Free! but if you really want the peace & happiness, you have to pay with time, meditation and loose a lot of freedom. Hidden costs, eh!

Place: Like the internet and mobiles, HE is everywhere.

Promotion: Like HIM, HIS representatives (People above) are everywhere

Endnote: There are beleivers and atheists. But in any case the concept of GOD evokes strong feelings in both of them. What is my locus standi? I don't really know but here's a long winded attempt:

There are strong product/service companies who offer free services apart from the premium services where they ask you to cough up some dough. Examples: AVG Antivirus, Google adsense, Blogger, Feedblitz , FreeWebs, etc. I have registered myself for the free services and not the premium ones.

That's what I'll do for GOD for now!

Disclaimer: Have referred to God as Him without bias towards women. Moreover if He was She,He/She would not have burdened women with periods and pregnancy.
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