Sunday, February 18, 2007

Selling is Not Telling the Whole Truth

Gautam Ghosh participated in a panel discussion at the Media Pulse conference organized by ISBM Pune. The topic was "There is nothing to tell but lots to sell". Read Gautam's musings on the discussion

Here are some random jottings by Gautam that I noticed; see his entire post thro' the above link:
Selling is about shouting louder"; A quote by Sam Walton "The customer wants something more important than the product"; "A brand is not independent from the product" ; "We believe we can take consumers for a ride".

I had posted my thoughts on the irresponsibility of big financial product companies in telling and selling here.

We bloggers are also selling our information and ideas and I look as myself as a budding "infopreneur" via the medium of this blog. Blogs look to me as a powerful media where u can participate in conversations. What do you think?

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