Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogging with Focus and Attitude

As soon as I became a blogger, a TOI journo talked about bloggers as failed writers, half wits and generally slammed bloggers right and left. But then I met (virtually, ofcourse) bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Amit Varma, Gautam Ghosh, Rashmi Bansal, Amit Ranjan and I started looking up to them and wanted to be like them in my own way. Other than the above bloggers who provide focussed insights, there are bloggers like Sakshi, Melody, IdeaSmith, who sparkle with their amazing attitude

Amit Varma does not deny that the image of hanging a journalist upside down just above a vat of boiling oil gives him great glee!. Read his full take here

Penelope Trunk's take on blogging makes a lot of sense. He (Update: oops...... She) talks about blogging as a great training and also a tool to network.

But of course I'm talking about blogs with some focus and a certain attitude and not all and sundry. And I am not talking about blogs where they try to pontificate over national issues and also talk about their dogs having fever!

As for me I'm in the learning phase. I am ashamed of some of my posts which have been a CCP job. In my enthusiasm to make people read whatever I had written, I have also spammed (Very few guys, I promise,....will not repeat,err..I'm not promising anything here!)Have been fiddling with the title, template of my blog and have learnt many new things in the area of my blog focus.
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