Wednesday, February 7, 2007

WorkSheets on Budgeting, Planning and Control

I'm amazed at myself. My 200th post and it's hardly four months since I've fallen(err..or risen to) for this blog thing!!

I have been writing a lot of theory(crap;?) on going about your financial decisions. Sounds fine but how do you actually do it? Have been working a while on some worksheets and here is the result of my efforts. Download this Worksheet on Excel

The entire worksheet has eleven spreadsheets and they are:

1. Networth Statement: Start with calculating your Networth. The sheet also gives you an idea of the weightage of each asset and liability.

2. Budgeting: The sheet gives you an idea of planning your expenses vis a vis your income. The idea is that when you start measuring it, you can manage or control it and then improve upon.

3. Children Education Planner: Gives you an idea of what amount you need to invest and for how long so that the desired level of money is available for your children.

4. Starting Early: The worksheet compares between two scenarios where in one you start early and in the other where you start late. See the difference.

5. Tax Calculator: You can enter your monthly income and the total tax can be seen. Well this is according to Indian Tax laws. If any of you want the template for the Tax returns, do let me know.

6. Retirement Planner: This sheet will help you in arriving at the amount to be invested monthly for desired retirement pool. Toggle around with the figures.

7,8,9. Gives you a sheet where you can enter your Mutual Funds portfolio, Insurance and Other Investments.

10. Crorepati?: It calculates the Future Value of your investments and tells you when will you be able to become a crorepati!!

11. Calendar 2007 : A desktop and soft copy of Caledar on Excel.

I'm proud of my effort. But this should not stop you from telling me what improvements I can make. Infact that will be hugely appreciated. I'm also looking for somebody who can make it better. Also guys who can convert this into some other platform like odp or anything better.

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