Saturday, April 7, 2007

Welcome to

I should not have worried. But I guess you can only say this when it's over. :)
So I have migrated to a personalised domain. Custom domain, Google says. I set up the migration on 2nd April and have chewed off my nails in anticipation of the crossover. But obviously I've been a moron with the migration setup and did not do things properly. Rang up the Rediff fellows who did it correctly, two days back. Still no success!! Today morning, I put the www prefix to the custom domain and voila, the migration is now successful. Mightily relieved today.
In the meanwhile, I was also experimenting with wordpress and they are amazing. Take a look at this brand new blog I've created. Here I'll focus on Personal Finance 1.0. I mean the basics.
I have also created a community for discussing Personal Finance issues and it is powered by PHPBB. Take a look at this community and join it too, please.
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Reviews, Tips, Calculators with an Indian perspective.
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