Monday, April 23, 2007

Overview of Merger and Acquisitions

I did not know anything about the Mergers & Acquisitions untill a week ago when our Prof at the Exec. MBA asked us to do a small project on M&A and present it before the class. This was to be a part of the internal assessment for our Business Environment project.

This M&A is really picking up speed. As against M&A deals of arounf $20 billion in 2006, Indian companies have already notched up M&A deals worth $37 billion in two months of 2007. And it's just the beginning. The Investment Bankers are going to have a great time.

The Union budget has visualised setting up an IFC in Mumbai. Read the details in Ajay Shah's Blog. Some reports say that Financial services is going to be the next growth driver for the Indian Economy.

So don't you want to see what M&A is all about. Here's an overview:

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