Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Help Teach my Son about Sex

I need help. And this is nothing to do with Business or Finance. I need help to be a better father to my only son. No, it's not that I have been a bad father. Not that there is anything life threatening or emotional about it. It's more serious. I need help to teach my son about sex.

Last year I was driving with my son for company when a bike zipped across with the gal clinging on to the guy. "I hate girls", quipped my 11 year old son. "They do not let the guys drive properly and they end up with accidents", he said to my question Why? Let him learn his own way, I thought priding myself to be on the "papa don't preach" brigade.

I always think that we have to learn it ourselves. The hard way.

Contemplating on my life situation recently, I felt pretty happy about it. I have ongoing battles with things like anger, conceit, etc but I feel that I have taken "pole" position in my race against them.

Smug and happy, I was not ready for a question popped up by my son some days back, "What is sex?"

I squirmed. "Aren't you listening to me?", my son demanded after I refused to react for many moments. My mind was working furiously. I can't tell him that he's too young. He might get worse information from his friends. Can't he ask somebody else. Who?

"Well...., err......, it's something done between a boy and a girl...", I muttered aloud weakly. My son nodded understandingly trying to hide a wicked smile. Thankfully, he did not probe further!!

My son will be a teenager next year. He tells me that I am his friend.

But will he ask and discuss sensitive matters? Could the generation gap between him and me been putting him off? What if I had a daughter? Maybe my wife would have taken care of her. But wouldn't I be more worried in case of a daughter?

What answers do I have? What is the best answer? Am I capable of giving the right answers?

Or am I bothered about something which would solve itself? I should not worry as it is not a big issue?

I looked around on the net. Got some answers here and here. But I guess translating theory into practical advice, as in my case, I have a lot of work to do.

Growing up is a never ending thing, it seems, and the learning process never ends. We jump to conclusions and somewhere conclusions jump on us.

Life rebegins at 39. Or is it that life rebegins every year? Maybe every moment!!

Meanwhile do let me know with ideas on how to go about giving sex education to my son. Thanks.

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