Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Best 21 Functional Blogs

I am honoured to be listed in "Best of India Blogs" and the joy is multiplied since it is done by Amit Agarwal, the poster boy of Indian Blogging.

The list is categorised in 18 sub headings and Amit has really done some hard work there. Special thanks to him for adding a Finance category. Even our famed Indibloggies do not have the Business/Finance category for their awards.

This sets me on the question why Business/Functional blogs have not yet taken India by storm compared to "Personalised" blogs. True, we have Gautam Ghosh, who is recognised as the Father of Business Blogging in India. But he is outnumbered by bloggers who have a personalised web log and are hugely popular.

I am 6 months old when it comes to blogging and I may be wrong. But I'll make a small start by listing the bloggers who have functional content. And the 5 categories are Business Management, HR/OD, Finance/Personal Finance, Technology, Marketing

Business Management


Finance/Personal Finance

Business Technology

Marketing/ Entrepreneurship

So there's my list of 21, to start with. I would love to add more and more to that list. Help. I would specially request for Finance blogs that I should be knowing but am not aware of.

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