Monday, April 9, 2007

Warm Welcome to my 100th Subscriber

The day when I have migrated to a custom domain also happens to be a day when I had my 100th subscriber (89 Email and 12 Feeds). I am very happy.
Talking about Business and Finance appears drab and unglamorous on the Blogosphere. The Blogs audience, I guess, revels in saucy private voyeurism, personal rants and celebrity bashing/idolising. But there are blogs, as I've mentioned here, which makes me go on. Enjoying what I do and not trying to be like somebody else. fact is I have learnt many new things and have met (virtually) many fabulous people.
So you have my thoughts on topics like these: Budgeting (11) , Business Finance (47) , Calculators (4) , Derivatives (6) , Economics (19) , Entrepreneurship (5) , Equity (45) , ETF (10)
Insurance (22) , Investing gyaan (50) , Mutual Fund (30) , Presentations (5) , Sensex review (11) and more....
Do take a look at this brand new blog I've created. Here I'll focus on Personal Finance 1.0. I have also created a community for discussing Personal Finance issues . Take a look at this community and join it too.
FINANCE looks daunting. For me too. But now, I'm comfortable with the concept and find it Fun, Interesting, Nasty, gives an Advantage, Not Precise, Creative and Exciting.
Your comments are more than welcome. And please tell your friends too.
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