Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Personal Finance Websites Review

Here's a review of the top personal finance websites from a top PF Blogger

Wesabe is a personal finance site that provides budgeting tools, personal finance tips, and a lot of discussion forums, plus compared to the competition, it has the most secure data policies as well - you don’t have to actually give them your account information.

When they first launched, I was fairly critical of them in two respects: their privacy policy wasn’t clear (even though I respected how they actually handled the data) and it was difficult to browse the other content on the site. The very first commenter on the post was Marc Hedlund, one of the cofounders of Wesabe, who explained what was going on and basically pledged to do exactly what I requested. Lo and behold, within just a few months, they had done exactly that.

Later on, when I compared Wesabe to Quicken Online and Mint a few months back, I gave the most positive nod to Wesabe (though I didn’t fully endorse any of the three). In fact, Wesabe was the only one of the three that continuously drew me back to poke around, even though I didn’t actively use their budgeting tools. I often poke around their discussion forums and other areas.

When will we have such personal finance websites in India? It's a big opportunity waiting to be tapped. Read my own "Success Mantras" for this space.
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