Monday, August 4, 2008

Personal Finance Space in India gathering momentum

Suddenly the personal finance space in India is getting some attention it deserves from Web companies in India. Check out my previous posts with the label of pf websites

Two days ago, Alootechie blogged about InvestmentYogi and then on StartupDunia, I saw some good words for iTrust

InvestmentYogi (The name looks inspired by Deepak Shenoy's Moneyoga) aims at building a community of learners who share their experieces while growing their money. And so their tag line is Learn. Share. Grow. They have some cool videos too! And a Portfolio Manager. (Why they have a feature (coming soon) of sharing your portfolio beats me! Who would share his real one in India!?!)

iTrust ....making finance as simple as 1 2 3.. claims to be a personal finance company for the modern Indian consumer who wants honest and independent service. They are basically selling Mutual Funds, Home Loans, Insurance, Real Estate, all under their umbrella.

I wish them all the best. After all, execution is the key here. (Which brings me to apologize to my readers of my personal finance website for not being able to update regularly :( )

Another guy working on this space is Raag Vamdatt. Visit his site for articles on personal finance. He also has a Business Directory, if you need one.

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