Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taking Stock of my Web Real Estate

My elder brother calls me the web face of the family. Perhaps, because I'm the only guy in our family for whom if you Google by my name gives away my complete identity. Google Ranjan Varma to confirm! :)

And this has happened in less than two years. In September 2006, I had asked a friend, What's a Blog! And so you can blame my blog addiction on my friend!!

More than an ego boost, this post is trying to take stock of my Internet Real Estate. My web domains, my blogs, websites, e-learning modules, et al. Here they are:
  • Blog.PersonalFinance2.01: My PR 3 Blog focussed on personal finance. This blog was hacked and somebody had put some malware on that one. Now it's clean and back in control. Phew, that was very stressful times when it was under hacker's control.
  • I have installed Moodle Learning Management System software on this subdomain. I need to understand how it works, though the framework has been understood. This has immense potential and perhaps all my future efforts would revolve around this domain.
  • This domain is in a dormant phase. I don't know what to do with this one. I have subdomains like where I have installed Drupal CMS. Right now basically a kind of sandbox for me to experiment.
  • This is a multi user Wordpress platform where a subdomain can be created by anybody in seconds! It attracted a lot of spam subdomains and I had to disable new registrations. Now I have taken the control back to myself. So now I have created 4 subdomains that will serve as my e-scratch pad on Stocks, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Startups. I'm planning a few more on my hobbies and other interests.

The knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past one year is priceless. Now I have the confidence of building a website ranging from a Static site to a complex site. Infact one of my cousins paid a web designer Rs 25000 for a job which I could have done for her in less than Rs 5000 (Which wd have included the domain, hosting charges).

And before I end, don't forget this very Blog, will you?!!
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