Sunday, August 24, 2008

Personal Finance Web Channel

I have recently started a Twitter Channel on personal finance that you can check out.

Initially, I was not sure that Twitter is for me and “following people” sounded a bit uncomfortable to me. Now I’ve become a regular user!

If you are not a user yet, here are a few good reasons to join Twitter and follow me.

  • Connect with peers
Certainly the best thing about Twitter. It makes it very easy to chat with other bloggers, and even to connect with popular bloggers.
  • Share links

Many people share what they are reading or watching, and so should you. A very fine way to find good stuff on the web.
  • Search for hot topics
Twitter is like an giant ongoing conversation. You will easily figure out trends and search for more informations on the site. You can even search for a job that way.
  • Get answers
Ask your questions to all your followers or directly to one of them, and get a quick answer. People who are popular on Twitter get many answers that way, but don’t expect this to work if you got 15 followers.

So why don’t you go ahead and connect with me.

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