Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Zoho Creator - Easy way to create database apps

Zoho Creator is a free online service to create and share database applications. Even for a newbie like me, I found it easy and useful.

I have created some applications which I never thought could do on my own. There is this application where when you enter a form, it narrows down your choices as you go along. And finally when you are through, it sends an email notification to all concerned. Could be easy for techie guys but not for dumb people like me (dumb with technology, of course :)

And when I got stuck up with something, I tried my luck with the Support guys by clicking on the feedback button. Within hours, I got a mail reply helping me out. In fact they created a sample application for me!!

Thanks to Latha and Karuppuchamy (The support people!)

Watch demo video here:

Do check out this app and help me figure out the top India blog posts 2007!

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