Saturday, December 22, 2007

Building Database Management Forms in Websites

I wanted to have a form on my personal finance website where readers could fill out select financial products/service and Companies from which they need more information.

I'm a newbie with coding but the last one year has taught me that there are loads of technology available for free download and you need a lil' bit of enterprise to tweak it to your advantage.

Looking for extensions for my Joomla site, I stumbled on Facileforms where I saw that I could build some forms without knowing any bit of coding.

Two three hours down the line, I finally could figure out the form building. Check this out:

Get Information from select Financial Companies

I need to work on what I'll do with the data. How do I forward them to the companies? How do I build a database for all the data and have some analysis of the same?

This posts seems to lead me to Zoho Creator, I guess. Or Zoho CRM? They have built some lovely apps for newbies like me.

Anybody can help? I'm rather enjoying scaling these challenges/new learnings!!
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