Friday, November 17, 2006

Posting my century!!

This is my post number 100!! It's around two months since I started this space and it has been a huge learning experience for me. Even though I've been working for over 16 years now, I never ever bothered about my finances, both the income and the expenses part. Thankfully my wife is a spendthrift and till now I have been saved from any nasty experiences on the money front.

Even though I've been lucky, it's time I started looking at my finances. If not for myself, for my family atleast. And isn't one of my ultimate financial goal is to be able to "do something without bothering about money". That goal requires me to be educated and informed about my financial position.

The journey of writing these 100 posts have been educative. I've written about Business Finance, Equity, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Investing Gyaan, Derivatives, Sensex, Real estate, Funancials and even Economics.

Apart from this blog, three articles on "Investing Gyaan" has been accepted at Desicritics too. Read them here, here and here. And I recieved an invitation to start a portal on personal finance for Indian users!!

I have enjoyed the blogging process. Pray that I "keep at it" as one senior blogger suggested to me.
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