Saturday, November 4, 2006

Blog Carnivals

Was wondering about what a "Blog Carnivals" is and got a detailed answer from FiveCentNickel. Thanks.

Well a blog carnival could be an exciting way to connect with fellow bloggers. My own blog is right now a collection of introductory articles which is an e-scratch pad for furthering my financial education and evolving my thoughts on Finance. And I'm improving by the day (self belief/claim, again)

While on the subject, I want to share the interesting posts/blogs that I stumbled on.

Ways your personal life can hurt your professional life by It's Just Money

Mastering your Investments means mastering your emotions by IJM, again.

I will teach you to be rich, by Ramit Sethi has a lot of good posts.

Consumerism Commentary reviews 25 ways to grow rich by Money Magazine.

India Uncut by Amit Varma

To each its own by Sakshi Juneja

Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal.

Sticky Investment funda book by Deepak Shenoy

While I was starting out with my blog, I read an article in a leading daily trashing bloggers as half wits, failed writers and a lot of nasty things. True, there's a lot of rubbish around. But there are gems too!! Power to bloggers!
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