Friday, November 3, 2006

HDFC Prudence Fund

Yesterday I wrote about my MF decisions and talked about SBI's Magnum Global.

I wanted a hybrid fund which invests largely in stocks but has some fixed income securities which can protects your capital in hostile conditions.

HDFC prudence fitted the bill perfectly with a 23.3 % returns since it's launch in 1994. It's better than some equity funds!!

My purchase price for the fund was Rs 109.325 as against the NAV of Rs 106.919. So I pay Rs 220.12 as the fee to HDFC for handling my money(Rs 10000 p.m.)

Value Research rates HDFC Prudence as a five star fund on the basis of it's consistent performance. Hopefully my trust bears rich fruits. And I'll be happy with a 15% CAGR. Errr..., I remind myself that "Expectations reduce joy", and time to be unemotional....
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