Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm the CFO of my own life

Read this post by Flexo who writes about himself as the Chief Financial Officer of his own life.

It is a cool way of conveying that “Taking responsibility for yourself’ is the key to your life. It ain’t easy to analyse your own self. For many of us, it takes a hard knock when we are able to go back to our drawing board and analyse the situation. Mostly it is a roller coaster ride, expending all our energy and gaining nothing.

I have been trying to apply this concept of being a CFO to my life as well. However, I have struggled to have the emotional clarity a CFO would demand. You have to analyse your current financial situation, develop your financial goals document and then work sincerely and regularly at enhancing your own financial value.

While we talk about becoming CFO, isn't it a better idea to become the Chief Fun Officer of your life too.!!
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