Saturday, November 25, 2006

Best of blogs: The fab five

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Being a blogger makes you increasingly narcissist. So I am making amends by posting what others have written and which I really would have liked to write myself one day. So here's the fab five posts:

  1. Best of Free Money Finance by FMF. It takes the first spot since it is loaded with 9 posts within the post.
  2. Book review on performance chasing and market timing by Ramit. Ramit gives a lot of thought and effort into his posts and you'll know when you read him.
  3. I hate Indian network marketing by Ramit again. Even I'm scared of smiling at strangers now, they might snigger while assuming me to be an amway distributor!!
  4. Mastering your investments means to master your emotions by IJM. Amazing insights.
  5. Teaching a six year old kid to save money by Nickel
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