Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Money makes Money(MMM)

Here's a post by FMF on Millionaire's investing style. Makes a lot of sense. The key take away for me is to "IGNORE the NOISE"

Nearly all (95 percent) of the millionaires we surveyed own stocks; most have 20 percent or more of their wealth in publicly traded stocks. Yet you would be wrong to assume that those millionaires actively trade their stocks. Most don't follow the ups and downs of the market day by day. Most don't call their stock brokers each morning to ask how the London market did. Most don't trade stocks in response to daily headlines in the financial media.

In other words, these people are in it for the long haul. They know that over a long period of time, the stock market will go up (or at least it has historically, so the odds are it will continue to do so). As such, they consistently invest monies into the market, ignore the noise, and watch their portfolios climb.

And the best example of MMM is Rakesh Jhunjunwala who's assets grew by 74 crores(!!) over a period of 4 months on an almost static stock portfolio.
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