Sunday, August 12, 2007

How to find the best financial products in India

I have been looking around for a price comparison portal for personal finance products and I found Ecompare

The site looks very promising and Clayton Scott, Director, Ecompare, was very prompt with the answers I was looking for. Yes, its about time the Indian consumer had a quality service that can help them find the right product

1. What is ECompare?

Ecompare is a price comparison service that helps users easily find the best finance products available in the market. We aim to deliver simple to use service to assist our users quickly find the most relevant products.

2. Where did the idea come from? What is the research you have done on the business model?

Ecompare is based upon the success of the price comparison concept in other countries where it has grown over the last few years. We believe that its about time the Indian consumer had a quality service that can help them find the right product. We truly believe there is great potential for our product based upon our own research.

3. Are you planning to add Insurance products and Mutual Fund products?

We will certainly be adding insurance products to our service. However our priority at this stage is to launch mobile tariff comparisons first.

4. Tell us about your team.

We are a small team of 5 based in Hyderabad. We will be expanding over the coming months as we develop a sales team.

5. How has been the response? Can you give some idea about the traffic?

We have recieved a lot of very positive feedback on the concept. One user stated-

"This service is very helpful, it saves a lot of a consumer’s time and
effort. Its one of those services that one can really use and not one
of those that looks good sounds good but does nothing. "

We only launched 4 days ago with no large marketing push. Despite this traffic statistics are very encouraging for us at this very early stage. We are here for the long haul and our business model requires steady traffic growth so that is the key for us at this stage.

6. What are your goals with ECompare? I mean the number of page views daily and the revenue targets.

The goal for ecompare is to develop into the premier price comparison site in India. We truly want to deliver a service that helps our users save time and money and becomes a powerful tool for them in their search for the best financial products.

We believe that if we keep developing a quality information resource with expanding services our traffic and revenue targets will be achieved.

7. How do you market ECI?

SEO will be a major focus for us at this early point. As we expand the concept we will look to use wider marketing campaigns both online and offline.

All the best, Mr. Scott.
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