Monday, August 20, 2007

How a newbie can design a website?

Ten months ago I did not know what a blog was! Stuck at home due to a back injury, I was chatting with a geeky friend about websites when he suggested that why didn't I start with a blog. Blog? What's that, I said and my friend sent me the blogger link!!

And I have been amazed at the helping hand provided in forums, blogs, bloggers and comments who encouraged me on this journey. It's another kind of life!!

I wanted to organize all the information I had and wanted to share. Mainly because I felt that we have a long way to go before we reach some satisfactory levels of financial awareness. The blog had it's limitations and armed with the knowledge that geeky guys are always ready to help the newbies like me, I started asking more and more questions on forums and fellow bloggers.

And I reached Dreamhost! I shot off a mail to their support staff about my ideas of a website and how I did not know anything. Got a quick response about how to go about it and it mentioned something about Joomla, a CMS. That was in April, 2007 and I went to Joomla's site for the first time!

Dreamhost provides One-Click Software Installs including WordPress, phpBB, Advanced Poll, ZenCart, MediaWiki, Joomla, Gallery, WebCalendar. [ This means that with just ONE-CLICK - even a newbie can install a WordPress blog on ther server/website - they can also do that if they need a CMS or if they need an E-Commerce website - just one click to lift-off!!

I have installed Joomla on India's first online weekly on personal finance and wordpress on the site's blog. And did I mention free domain and subdomains!

In case any one ofyou have some website ideas, why don't you check them out. They have some great discounts and you might get some by mentioning this promo code too:SRV7

India's first online weekly on personal finance
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