Thursday, May 17, 2007

Web 2.0 tools for Finance professionals

"Spreadsheets and other essential tools for finance professionals are moving on to the Web, and as they do, they're acquiring new functionality to facilitate seamless collaboration and data exchange", Susan Kuchinskas says in the article published in BNet titled A Beginner's Guide to Web 2.0 tools for business

Three web 2.0 tools for finance professionals are:

Google Docs and Spreadsheets Google's Web-based word processing and spreadsheet applications are great for collaboration, and they're compatible with their Microsoft Office equivalents.
Zoho Sheet An online spreadsheet service that's compatible with all Excel documents. An application programming interface (API) is available for enabling seamless integration with many other software tools.
SalesBoom This hosted service started out as a customer relationship management product; today it has expanded to include commission and expense management. Limited customization options, but well-suited for smaller companies.

Read the entire article for tools for other business uses.

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