Tuesday, March 18, 2008

India's first eBook on personal finance

A lot of people feel "threatened" when dealing with money and most people phase out when money/ savings/ investing/ tax/ stocks/ insurance/ funds are discussed. After tackling them over the last one year on my blog and website , I hope to construct an easy-to-digest, friendly e-book that people want to read and understand!

This e-book is only 21 pages and will not take more than an hour to go through. No matter who you are and what you earn, my feeling is that this one hour can help you understand money and change a lot of things for you, for the better!

Personal Finance is about managing your own money. There are scores of books and courses to manage the finance of your business or a Company. Then there are books on finances of the Government (Monetary, Fiscal Economics).

But are there enough for managing your own finances? Which is equally, if not more, important for all of us. And moreover it's simple and not rocket science!

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