Monday, March 31, 2008

Best of Indian Business Blogs: Weekly Edition 2

Weekly edition 2 of "Best of Indian Business Blogs" is here. A big thanks to readers for the response to our first weekly edition. The weekly edition will carry more weight now that heavyweights like Kiruba and Gautam are joining us for selecting the very best of Indian business blog posts of the week.

So here it goes:
1) Kamla Bhatt interviews ItwoFS's Karthik Srinivasan on plagiarism in Indian film music

Karthik has built a website with a missionary zeal and he is looks at it as a hobby. That's what makes it such an interesting website, especially for music buffs.

2) Maninder on what's wrong with Idea Rocks India's MSN microsite

Big brands also make mistakes. In the mumbo jumbo of MBA jargons, often we miss some very simple things that we should have taken care of. Maninder points out to one such mistake

3) A three part series on startup financing in India: 1, 2, 3

Essential read for startups where Kartik Varma takes you along the financial angle of a startup. While on startups, Snigdha Sengupta makes some interesting points about angel funding in India.

4) Guest Post by Mayank Bidawatka, Head of Marketing at Pluggd In this post, Mayank demystifies SEO and SEM concepts

SEO and SEM are important tools to figure out the complexities of the internet. Some guys like Afzal Khan and Mani Karthik provide support as Freelancers and offer services to many clients across, USA, UK, Australia & Canada.

5) Sudipto Majumdar on the rise of gaming cafes in India and Sashi Reddi on the Indian gaming business.

Other takes by fellow panel members: Gaurav Mishra, Palin NingthoujamMany times an investment goes wrong. People need to refinance to backup their plans. However putting up your houses for sale is certainly no solution, and neither is debt consolidation.

Happy reading and do spread the word around.
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