Monday, March 24, 2008

Best of Indian Business Blogs: Weekly Edition 1

When Gaurav Mishra came out with the idea of a weekly digest of best business blog posts from India, I agreed immediately. I am sure that my readers would be happy to see the very best Indian business blogs picked out after a bit of brainstorming by a panel of eminent Bloggers.

If you missed out on my previous post announcing the weekly digest, to be published every Monday, here's the dope. We are attempting to highlight and promote link-worthy posts from Indian business bloggers in the form of a weekly digest. The panel members in our network include:- Gaurav Mishra, Rajesh Lalwani, Veerchand Bothra, Palin Ningthoujam and Yours Truly.

So here goes the top posts for the week:
  1. Interview of the four entrepreneurs behind CMYK Health Boutique who plan a nationwide network of Spas - Four Fountains Spa. Rashmi Bansal, in her inimitable free wheeling way, takes you along the journey of entrepreneurship and its nitty gritties.

    My key take away ( as a chronic fence sitter!) was when Anurag says, " Nahin karne ke bahut bahhaane hai. Naukri chhodo, everything will fall in place"

  2. Continuing on Startups, read these posts that came as reactions to Jason Calacanis' ( post - how to save money running a start-up.

    It's at Venturewoods;; Start Up Dunia; Aditya Mishra

  3. Namrata Balwani's post on what ails online advertising in India - My reactions and take aways from the post: Actually the marketers are wary of the measurement metrics for internet advertising. Even though the measurement metrics for the mainstream advertising has also its problems, it is a known dragon instead of an unknown dragon that the online advertising is perceived to be.

  4. Ajay Shah links to Vijay Mahajan post on 'waiver of mass debt (WMD): It's a contentious issue between Politicians and Economists and warrants careful reading.

  5. Manoj Dawane, Mauj Mobile, talks about the future of Indian mobile VAS industry. Manoj takes you along on the possibilities of Mobile services in India. With 228 million subscribers as on December, 2007, the possibilities looks limitless!

The top five have been selected out of many more and I am sure you'll be benefited by reading the posts as much as we have learnt from them. Do spread the word around among your friends too.
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