Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking back at 2007 at RanjanBlog.com

2007 has seen my toddler blog evolve and take shape. The blogger url was http://financexchange.blogspot.com and I titled the blog as a "Knowledge exchange on Finance". I did not like it for long and I tried various titles.

So my blog had preachy titles like "Take responsibility for your finances" or "Getting started is the key", cheesy ones like "Get rich or die tryin!" or "It doesn't require to be a genius to be rich"

Along the way I also named it as Ranjan's Weblog/blog on Business and Finance and the likes. I seem to have finally settled for the present title/subtitles, but who knows!

But I like it the way it is now. Ranjan's space: personal finance, infopreneurism, dotcom architecture and Me. While the blog evolved, I also learnt a lot on building a website and have dreams of becoming an infopreneur. The result is my site on personal finance, which is on the first page of google search results when you google "personal finance websites India"

It is satisfying to look back at 2007 when it comes to my web initiatives. A few blog posts that I recollect having fun in putting together are:

Thanks and keep the encouragement coming by your mail and subscriptions by email and RSS feeds. For my new year resolutions, you can check me out on Twitter too!
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