Monday, January 21, 2008

Dream Run in the Mumbai Marathon shakes off the lazy me

Running 6 km at a stretch would be asking too much from a lazy person like me. But walking 6 km at a stretch is no big deal, I thought. And in the carnival spirit of the event, it was actually great fun.

I enjoyed my first dream run in the Mumbai marathon. Calling it a "dream run" is a misnomer, though. 99% of us dream runners walked and walked merrily without breaking a sweat.

The biggest benefit of running er.... participating in the Mumbai marathon was getting up at 5 am in the morning and having a chilled out bath at 5.20 am in the morning. And looking at the rising Sun was so energizing!!

At 6 ft height and 78-80 kg weight I have been complacent about my fitness. The Mumbai marathon spirit has enthused me to get fitter this year. So I'll aim at a weight of 75 now and have asked my wife to wake me up every morning and take me along for the walk/Yoga sessions.
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