Saturday, January 5, 2008

MyToday is live and kicking

I registered an account at MyToday which is a homegrown web apps from Netcore India. The content available is good and the website has a clean interface. I guess they need to work on the visual aspect of the site, even though it's fine with me.

I feel that MyToday also needs to have a strong editorial support staff as well as a interactive support mechanism to make a big impact. I'm comparing it with their Blogstreet initiative which held a lot of promise, but did not impress me (with the lack of support for my numerous emails!)

I presume Rajesh Jain wants to focus on content and does not believe so much on marketing. My 2 cents would be that Marketing does not mean just shameless promotion. It also means understanding the customers needs, fulfilling them and make customers delighted with the support functions.

I also want them to make a sms alert service for my "To do Today" list.

  • MyToday has loads and loads of content for you. From news updates from around the world to local information about Weather, Movies, Emergency Numbers to all-time Classics, Books, Puzzles, TV timings and more. You'll have unrestrained access to all this content by just registering with MyToday. And registering is a simple two step process. Enter your phone number and password - and then confirm it by simply sending an SMS.
  • I especially like the content in their "Library".
  • Registering with MyToday ensures that you can use Bookmarks to store your favourite content. With Bookmarks, you can create your list of content that you can access any time you want. For example, if you want to check a recipe again, or want to revisit a poem that you loved - all you need to do is bookmark it and it will be available to you the next time you visit MyToday.
  • To top it, registered users can create sms alerts for their own content too (Bloggers, take note!) For example, Atanu Dey is already on MyToday. You can follow him by sending a message START AtanuDey to 575758
Time to get the power of mobile working for you.

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