Thursday, March 8, 2007

India Growth: Constraints and the Future

The Center for the Advanced Study of India organised a talk on Institutional Constraints and India's Economic Future with Shanta Devarajan Chief Economist, World Bank South Asia Region and Arvind Subramanian Division Chief, IMF Research Department on 23rd Feb., 07 at the University of Pennsylvania.

Read the detailed report on India at Wharton here . While Shanta Devarajan voiced his concerns (self proclaimed heretic concerns) about the lack of Infrastructure and Institutional reforms, Arvind Subramanian had the opinion that the Indian inefficiency is not all that bad as it is made out to be compared to other nations.

Being an optimist, I would like to remember the positives like our Telecom growth story, the exploding Internet (highest growth) and the visibility of political will in modernising the Airports as well as efforts to bring Investments in the Infrastructure sector.

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