Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Clear & Smart Steps to Raise Your Financial Intelligence Levels

Steve Pavlina writes on "How to raise your financial vibration" where he lists out clear and smart goals to adopt to raise your financial intelligence levels.

There was one part which I really relate to and touched me is:

If you double your income, it means you’re contributing twice as much value
to others. The money you earn is an IOU from society. If you have a million
dollars in the bank, it means you’ve given at least a million dollars more value
than you received — that’s very generous. If you’re in debt, it means you’re
taking more than you’re giving. The more value you contribute, the more society
owes you in return. If you allow your income to stagnate, it means you’re
holding back on the contribution side. That’s lazy and selfish. Focus on
expanding your contribution, and you’ll find that society gives you a lot more

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