Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2nd Anniversary: Apologies & Roadmap ahead for this Blog

I apologize to my readers. For distracting them with advertisements (that I don't beleive in!) and for occasionally writing some crap "personal" posts.

I hide behind the argument that it's my blog and I can write anything & everything. But on the verge of completing two years of blogging, I am realizing that this web space is no longer "personal". In fact, there is a sense of responsibility towards readers to whom I can add some value on the "personal finance" front. 

So, essentially, there is a move from "personal" to personal finance for this blog!

I also thank readers & friends who have encouraged me along this two year journey.

The Roadmap: Having apologized for the distractions by way of ads, you can be sure that the ads are going off today. It shouldn't return and I promise that I'll ask you first before taking a call on the ads.

Also, I will refrain from personal posts that don't add value to the readers that I want to write for in this blog. For personal rants, I have a Twitter handle which you can follow.

I have talked about my manifesto before.  I want to focus my energies in building the modules on personal finance

I have already started practicing them by speaking to a group of employees from my Organization. And the response has been amazing.

I would love to see how we can make financial education available to the masses by using ICT. (Information & Communication Technologies)

According to RBI data, as a percentage of financial savings, mutual funds constituted 7.7% of the financial savings of the household sector while insurance accounted for 17.5% and provident funds and pensions funds made up for 8.2% of the total financial savings during 2007-08. The predominant share fo savings was still parked in banks (55%).

This goes to show how much ground providers of financial products have to cover. Also this distribution is a bit skewed because of lack of financial literacy.

Thank you readers and wish me Godspeed!
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