Thursday, September 11, 2008

Needs & Wants: What's the Difference?

Personal Finance is all about spending less than what you earn and maximizing your savings by investing prudently.

When it comes to spending, we have a continuous struggle between what we need and what we want. There is a very thin line separating them. We so badly want to have a smoke that we call it a need!

To take a food example, all we need is दाल रोटी चावल & सब्जी /भाजी । But we want our Chocolates, Pizzas, Noodles, Non veg dishes and consider them our needs.

Have you noticed labourers, daily wagers who survive by fulfilling the needs and still having better health? All our lifestyle diseases are due to what we want!!

My takeaway from this post: Needs simplify. Wants complicates.

Question to self: Do I need link love for this post? Or do I want one?

What is your question?
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