Friday, June 15, 2007

Sensible Bull Market Trading Advice

I found this sensible piece in a group by Vivek Karwa. Thanks Vivek for permitting me to quote you here on my blog.
I hope everyone of you know that all kinds of activities pick up in a Bull Market. This happens since each person starts thinking that Money Making in Stock Market is a child's play! And thus people fall to any extent to earn the fast buck. India has been witnessing a Bull run past 3-4 yrs and such activities are bound to happen.
You may not believe that there were around 35 Analysts (I call them Budding Analysts) sending at least 25 recommendations each on my yahoo messenger daily a year back. They started thinking that what ever they recommend goes up hence they have mastered stock picking. Then came the May crash.
I now have just three people on messenger sending calls! And none of them is from the May list. They lost their money, became analysts and then lost peoples money!

In a Bull market , some of the activities which increase are:-

1.. Boom in stock brokers and sub-brokers offices since more and more people want to trade.
2.. People luring others to trade and invest in various financial products including Mutual Funds to earn higher commissions.
3.. Fund houses coming up with NFO's every next day.
4.. Sharp increase in Analysts/Advisors
5.. And why to miss our topic. Boom in Technical Analysis Software Sellers!!

I would like to caution every one on this!!

Before buying any software and spending Lakhs on it think once:-

1. Do people start earning money just because of buying a software? If yes then why cant each one of us buy and make big money.

2. Do people owning software Never Loose Money? They only make??

3. If your main activity of earning money is a different profession then can u utilize the software to its full value?

4. Does it not make sense to subscribe for calls for a portion of the money and concentrate on your main acivity? (Iam not trying to promote myself here or seeking subscription - but there's sense in my words)

So think twice before investing in softwares, may be the same money can be utilized in a better manner.


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