Friday, June 22, 2007

How do you get in touch with your Advisor?

How do you get in touch with an Advisor when you need one? Depend on your friendly neighbourhood guy who is more of a family friend?

I have realised that my friendly neighbourhood finance advisor does not have the knowledge of all financial products and at best he gets work done in his/her area of insurance, mutual funds, stocks or some other financial product. And the knowledgeable financial planner are too hard to find. Media tells me to take my own decisions based on my own risk appetite and financial goals. So the ball is back in my court.

And there are over 700 mutual funds, 5000 stocks, 300 insurance policies and hundreds of other financial products to choose from.

Internet enables information sharing in a powerful manner and is a medium where we can help each other in matters of personal finance. That brings me to the thing I have done!!

Take a look at this one. This is to be launched in August but I’m giving you a preview!!

Financial Advisors Directory: We invite professional and net savvy advisors to register and provide the information needs. This one is a first in India to the best of my knowledge…..

Suggestions are welcome.

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