Sunday, December 17, 2006

Top personal finance websites in India

Net has an amazing load of information for anything and everything. But you have to know the right place to look at. Or else you'll be looking stupefied by the tons of search results thrown back at you. So even if you google for "personal+finance+website+India", you get more than 132000 search results.

Here are the top websites which has helped me in my journey of taking financial responsibility for myself.

1. PersonalFn: Money simplified It has a whole range of articles, guides, calculators on everything related to personal finance. Great web site.

2. ValueResearchOnline It is a great site for everything on Mutual Funds. The articles are lucid and the portal is independent.

3. NSE, India It has a very educative section on Financial Markets where you can download the material for certification in Financial markets.

4. Yahoo! Finance Yahoo! has a dedicated portal for finance in India. Though Google too has a portal on finance, it doesn't have an Indian finance portal.

5. Ramit Sethi"s blog Even though it's not on Indian financial scene, it is a great read for everything on personal finance and entrepreneurship.

I can list some others, but the five should be enough. After all there's my blog too, eh...
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