Friday, December 1, 2006

Journey of a thousand miles !

The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. I mean I was very happy at my 25th post on my blog and now that I'm approaching 125, it's time to reorganise the blog.

The blog looks a bit cluttered with too many things at one place. So now I have decided to build a web site for my blog and I've called it Investing Gyaan: Taking responsibility for yourself.

The website will take its final shape in another month or so but do visit them and send suggestions.

The underlying philosophy of the site will be that it is vital to "take responsibility for yourself". And the first step to do that is to be well informed. We are not selling any financial product and do not represnt any financial product company. So we'll be independent and unbiased.

We are surrounded by persistent agents and financial advisors, aggressive financial product companies and our own ignorance of the knowledge required (and maybe the inertia?) to manage our money!! And it is said that Money is a bad master but a good servant. In any case, you have to manage it properly so that it may serve you properly.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve this site. If you want to contribute by writing articles on a relevant subject, you are more than welcome. Please write to or

Check them out!
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