Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sensex at 30000

Sensex was on a roller coaster ride as always in the past week. A slight nudge by RBI increasing the CRR drew first blood with the Sensex going down by 400 points . And then the next day, the Industrial report about the growth for the month figures made Sensex shed another 400 points. Phew!!

And then as talks of the fundamentals being strong, Sensex gains by 300 points.

Looking at the ways of the Sensex makes me remember my ride on "Thunder" in the Essel World amusement park. Unless you have a strong heart, you should not attempt that. While in the "flight", you wonder why you ventured in! They hang you upside down and you pray that the "flight" stops asap! But when you come out, you are releived and happy. It's fun, you proudly say, prodding others to enjoy the hell you have been through!

As an asset class, equities has the largest growth prospects among all investments. But the ride is frought with jerks, upsurges and turn arounds. If you are brave enough to monitor your way within the roller coaster ride, you can reap the benefits too. And as always the "IF" is important and critical.

Normally, people like us have sleepless nights with the slightest tremors. But here's what I read in an article by an Economist I respect, Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar.
" Six years from now, I would expect the Sensex touch atleast 30000! "

So if you can ignore the noise and pick up good companies and stay with your investments, share market may bring you good growth. Sounds inviting,eh!
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