Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Golf & Investing

Jeev Milkha Singh who has won the Volvo Masters in Spain has the following to say on the final day's play: (courtesy Rakesh Jha, TNN)
I have stopped putting pressure on myself. If human beings get result
oriented, it's sure to lead them into pressure. I have realised that and now I am just enjoying my game without thinking about the results. I am focusing more on routine and the process of what will help me suceed......

On his routine he says that he's following the same routine but with greater focus. He realises that to be more competetive, he has to work on his mental strength more.

How true for succeding in the Investment field too! Putting pressure on ourselves, we often tend to take a wrong call. And with targets, we don't exactly enjoy the process. And we need to build on our mental strength too if we hope to be successful.

Investing is a sport after all!! Have fun as you go along.
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