Friday, October 13, 2006

Chartered Financial Analyst

Increasing globalisation requires development of a global perspective of the financial scene: personal, business and government finance. This means a growing tribe of professionals who have an understanding of the Financial scene across geographical boundaries.
The CFA charter is a global graduate level self study program. It aims to build a fundamental knowledge of global investment principles that apply in every market all over the world. It is a flexible self study program and let's you set the schedule. That is why it can be invested into by freshers as well as working professionals.
The CFA site says that the CFA charterholders receive a 41% higher compensation than non CFA charterholders.
The curriculum includes 10 topic areas which are: Ethical standards, Quantitative methods, Economics, Financial statement analysis, Corporate Finance, Analysis of Equity investments, Fixed income investments, Derivatives, Alternate investments, Portfolio management. The examinations are grouped under three levels, starting with basics and going further on integrating the topics.
And the best part is that it not at a that prohibitive cost. Do you have it in you..? 
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