Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nothing Financial about this blog post !

I am not happy about not being able to update my blog for so long. You may or may not have missed my blog posts, but it is tough for me being away from my blog.

Anyway the past is past and I intend to be back on my blog with all my energy.
Even when people close to me know that it has been trying times for me, I look back with a lot of positives. And the most important one of them is that
Whatever does not kill you, makes you

Talking of other positives, I attended the Proto conference in New Delhi and was a wide eyed spectator while being amazed by the startup scene developing in India. And atleast 5 guys came up to me and said that they read my blog!

One of them is an IIT grad who chucked up a job at Hongkong in a fashionable Bank to be involved in doing something more worthwhile. And he is keen on working with me on the personal finance space!! Let's see how this works out.

While at Proto, I also met in person some real big guys. Vijay Anand, Amit Ranjan, Nikhil Pahwa, Snigdha Sengupta, it was really nice meeting up with you.

And the big learning point came from Mahesh Murthy of Seed Fund and Pinstorm, during his talk at Proto.

  • The only thing that builds your brand, with no advertising, is price. Price is unique - look at super premium products with super premium pricing. Price is your first positioning weapon - and should not be based on your cost. No company has won the market by simply pricing a product cheaper.
See the detailed post by Nikhil
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