Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Personal Finance Workshops: The 6 modules

I told Sundar in the interview that I was planning some modules for a personal finance workshop. These workshops/ seminars will be focused towards heads of households hoping to make better financial decisions and avoiding financial mistakes in the future. Here are the details and I would love to hear suggestions.


To empower people, through financial principles and practical help, make successful financial decisions and becoming financially independent.

Workshop Content:

Module 1: Money and Family: Understanding yourself

  • Money and Family,
  • Financial IQ and risk profiling
  • Financial Goals
  • Budgeting

Module 2: Living Within Your Means

  • Maximizing Income
  • Savings and Smart Spending
  • The Cost of Consumer Credit, and Other Financial Traps
  • Debt Elimination

Module 3: Saving and Investing: The Road to Freedom

  • Principles of investing
  • Starting Early and the magic of compounding
  • Rupee Cost Averaging
  • Bonds, Stocks, ETFs, Real Estate and Mutual Funds
  • Asset Allocation Strategies and Pitfalls

Module 4: Emergencies, Credit and Home Ownership

  • Emergency Funds
  • Building Credit
  • Rent vs. Buy Decisions
  • Borrowing Capacity, Mortgage Options and Down Payments

Module 5: Insurance: Your Security Cover

  • Principles of Insurance
  • Term, Endowment, Money back, ULIPs
  • Insurance on You, Your Spouse: Life, Disability and Health
  • Insurance on What You Own: Home and Auto

Module 6: Taxes, Educational & Retirement Planning

  • Understanding Tax Terms, Tax exemptions for Education, Retirement Savings, Home loans, Child and Dependent Care
  • Tax Deductions, Retirement Tax Planning
Waiting for your suggestions and questions .
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